Positive Energy And The Best Ways To Beat Unemployment

Looking For A Job Grunge Concept

Many people are aware of the power of positivity when it comes to going through your day with something other than a sour look on your face.

Yet when it comes to change the waters become, perhaps not murky, but not so easily embraced.

Stephanie DiNozzi is a Certified High-Performance Coach who has worked with a diverse range of people and businesses to help them develop the skills they need to propel them greater success. Many individuals in her programs learn to embrace change and transformation as part of a long-term process of personal evolution.

What Is The Difference Between Change and Transformation?

“At the core of it, there’s an important distinction that goes beyond our personal likes but also in business. Because for a lot of us the two are interchangeable in a lot of ways,” Said DiNozzi.

“Change is more like scratching the surface. You break an old habit, or you learn a new technique, a new tool or a new strategy. With a transformation, you take it to the next level, where you develop a new mindset and change your way of living,” explained DiNozzi.

She also notes that a lot of the process of transformation taps into or shares principles with high performance. “You have to look in the mirror and ask the big questions about what changes you and what you are passionate about!”

How Long Does It Take To Break A Habit Or Embrace A Major Change?

“There’s the initial habit forming and switching. It’s something that you have to constantly work at.  You have to understand that the one thing we have as human beings is the power of choice!” DiNozzi said.

How Does A Positive Mindset Help You Choose To Change?

“I’m not saying that you need to think everything is going to coming up roses, but it’s a mindset. You can be consumed by your negative thoughts and feelings,” explained DiNozzi.

Of course, implementing a positive mindset takes some work, and as an individual, you have to invest in the process of maintaining it throughout each day. “One of the things that come with setting yourself up for success through positivity is identifying the questions you ask yourself,” said DiNozzi. “You have to learn to frame positive questions at the start of your day.”

This includes how you think about the questions in your internal self-talk. Things like “What am I looking forward to today? At the same time, it’s also important to recognize potential challenges, so you can be better prepared for them. So you also need to ask yourself “What could trip me up in my day?”

How Should Someone Start Off If They Want To Change Something?

“The first step is to recognize any external forces that are driving the new awareness of wanting the change,” explained DiNozzi.

She also notes that there are two different motivators. There is internal change and externally motivated change. “You Need to at least be aware that you are not willing to stay the way you are. If you can’t figure out how to do it, you need to get a coach or a therapist to help you.”

DiNozzi explains that there are three different stages of awareness when it comes to change:


Developing Intention

Implementing Action

“First, you become aware and then you decide that you are not going to do it anymore. So, you decide to change. From there you determine what you need to change and move forward. Then you have the action phase to make it happen,” enlightened DiNozzi.

It’s also important to remind yourself that the process of change and transformation is not instantaneous. Sometimes things happen in little steps that you manage to tie together. “It all requires self-efficacy, which is the belief that it can be figured out!”

Maria Frey’s Tips For Defeating Unemployment

Being without a job can be very stressful. Of course, it’s about more than just having some money coming in. Choosing a new job, making a change in your career, or finding a new path with a new employer can be a challenge. Some people get overly wrapped up with so-called “Paralysis by Analysis” while others simply may not have had an interview in years and need to polish up their resume as well as their personal presentation skills.

Knowing where and how to cultivate these new job-seeking techniques can be a challenge in and of itself. Fortunately, there are more resources out there than ever before. One of them is Executive Consultants of New York, and their CEO Maria Frey. She has helped an enormous number of people in the New York area to develop the techniques they need to find a new job that they love.Executive Consultants of New York, CorpWhat Is The Biggest Obstacle To Finding A New Job?

“Rigidity is a big obstacle to success. It’s when you don’t want to change. You can’t act like a horse with blinders on. You have to open yourself up to new opportunities and new people who are presented to you,” explained Frey.

This applies to things like expanding your network, opening up new social media channels and even dabbling into new industries. “There might be people who you might not think about connecting with because they’re not necessarily in your industry. You have to realize that it’s not about them it’s about their network,” said Frey.

What Kind Of Classes Do You Offer?

The core class offered by Executive Consultants of New York focuses on an 8-week boot camp type of program. It consists of three-hour classes, one night a week for the full 8-week cycle of the program. It has a comprehensive approach that includes a variety of things including elevator pitches, network development, speed interviewing, and resume development, just to name a few.

What Are Some Of The Common Myths About Resumes?

“There are a lot of people who think a resume can only be one page,” said Frey. “We usually teach people that there are two types of resume, a functional one and a chronological one.”

A chronological resume is your typical one-page resume that shows the basic information about who you are, where you’ve worked, and your basic skills. This is the type of resume that you are going to submit to a human resources department or a company that only accepts resumes through an online portal.

“HR is not the place to try new things!” stated Frey.

A functional resume can be something a little different and it might come in a variety of forms. Some are simply a more visually interesting and elaborate version of a chronological resume. While others might be a video or even a PowerPoint Presentation.

“We teach people to bypass HR, to get in front of the decision maker and give them a functional resume that shows the basics of what you achieved quickly,” explained Frey.

Should You Include Your Proficiencies On Your Resume?

There is a great deal of debate amongst job seekers about whether or not basic proficiencies should be included on a resume. Do you really need to note that you know how to use something like Microsoft Word, or can you just leave it off?

“I think you have to be careful, depending on who is looking at it,” said Frey. “When it comes to an HR department or a green recruiter, the boss might say that someone needs to be proficient in it, and they might simply do a keyword search,” said Frey.

What Are Some Interview Questions That Can Trip People Up?

Most job interviews ask some of the standard questions like “Can you tell me about yourself?” Which can be a difficult question when it comes to figuring out what part of your life, success or your career you start with.

“People are multi-faceted. Just because you worked in one industry doesn’t mean you can’t work in another. It might help to have multiple resumes and multiple pitches ready,” offered Frey.

What’s One Of The Worst Things You Can Say During A Job Interview?

“Anything negative needs to be avoided. Everything needs a positive spin. Never say anything bad about your former boss or former company,” Frey recommended.

How Should You Dress?

Knowing how to dress for a job interview can be a little tricky at times. You might be tempted to underdress for an interview with a more casual company or a casual position. “I always tell people to dress for success! You have to be on your best behavior, and you have to put your best self out there.”

How Would You Deal With The Question Of What You Are Not So Good At?

“You can flip it into a positive. You can always say things like I don’t delegate enough or I work too hard. Just be ready to back it up with a more in-depth explanation. If they ask a question like that, you have to be able to expound on it.

What Should You Say If They Ask Why You Left Your Last Job?

“Again, you need to put a positive spin on it. Try to talk about something like how you are looking for more opportunities to grow.”

Finding a new job or redirecting your career can certainly be a stressful time. By keeping your focus on making a positive spin on every aspect of your resume and interview, you help move one step further than getting your foot in the door.