Getting Your Website Noticed

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A successful website is critical for the success of any business or organization.

In recent years, the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO has risen to become the key factor in how a website ranks on a powerful search engine like Google.

In the past web designer created sites at the direction of their client to maximize the kind of visual appeal and innovative functionality that the intended end user would life. Roll over buttons, pull-down menus, rich images, and stimulating graphics were seen as requirements for a website that would draw potential readers in.

Yet, statistically, the average person who enters a term into a search engine will usually click one of the top links or a link that is on the first page. If a search engine like Google provides a snippet at the top of the page, it further increases the chances that it will be clicked and read.

How Does Google Rank Websites?

It’s worth bearing in mind that when it comes to ranking a website, Google doesn’t really read images. Instead, it searches for the kind of quality content that the reader wants or needs most. The mechanics behind how it does this can be sophisticated.

Jason Lazarus is the owner of He specializes in maximizing a website’s Search Engine Optimization. “I help people get more visibility through their website,” said Lazarus.

One popular perception or even misconception these days is that big businesses and major online retailers rule the school, ranking high in just about everything A to Z. However, Lazarus notes that this isn’t necessarily the case. “There are a lot of chances for growth. Google has claimed that only a small percentage of potential queries or content has been created. So, there’s a lot of opportunities to create good content. There’s always more information that can be elaborated on for the end user.”

“It all comes down to what Google wants,” Lazarus explained. “Their goal is to provide people with what they want, and the most relevant answers as quickly as possible. All while keeping them within Google’s ecosystem.”

This means if you are a company selling widgets that you need to make sure that your company is the best resource for readers and potential users to learn about widgets. “To do that, you need to have a good website that is structured properly and provides content for what the users are searching for,” Lazarus added.

What Are Google Bots?

There is a variety of ways that Google determines ranking. It’s estimated that there are around 200 to 240 criteria that Google’s bots are looking for. First, it starts with its so-called Bots which scan the internet and store information about your website. The more active your website is, the more likely Google is to scan your site to see if your website has been updated.

Google’s bots further filter the content for relevance and typically place lower ranking on websites that have duplicate content. This means Google’s bots are also looking to see if you are just regurgitating the same blog posts every few weeks to make the site look active, yet you aren’t offering any type of new, quality content.

“The bots are like tiny little monsters, who like to gobble up content and they want to eat the best content that’s out there,” Lazarus explained.

They also look to make sure that a website is structured properly, this includes things like meta title and the meta description. The meta title is the introduction to what the page is about. “When you enter something like Red Car and you see results like The Best Car In 2019, those words are the meta title,” Lazarus clarified.

He also notes that at meta description is something different from the meta title. “Meta description doesn’t have as much value right now. It’s what will engage the reader to get excited to want to look at the site.”

How Do You Improve A Website’s Visibility?

The process Lazarus uses to improve a website’s visibility and ranking is both sophisticated as well as common sense. “The first thing I do is look at your website to make sure that it is all structured properly for what Google wants to see. Then I can give you some recommendations on what I think needs to be done.”

This typically includes comparing the website to competitors and other gorillas in the room. Those competitors that are ranking high put a lot of time and effort into getting where they are.

What Is Quality Content?

“It’s important to have quality content, that is relevant to the product or service you are offering. Content is basically writing, that is structured in the proper format that Google cares about. It needs to be quickly and easily read so Google can understand it and show it to its users,” said Lazarus

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a lot of content, but you can always hire people to write that for you and pay them whatever you can work out with them.”

“You want to make sure that you are providing content that is relevant and has in-depth information. It needs to break down all the questions somebody might be asking. It can get pretty granular,” Lazarus explained.

How Many Words Are Necessary?

“Typically, you want to have a bare minimum of 300 to 350 words. Depending on what the landing page is, you probably want to hit closer to the 1,000 to 3,000-word range. It helps to break it down by answering a whole bunch of questions, like the five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

“You also want the content to be nice and easy to skim. As you’re doing that, make sure you are also using the proper tags and schema.”

What Is Schema?

Schema was adopted by Google as a markup of microdata. It’s added to a web page to quickly identify the type of content that’s on the page.

There are many different kinds of Schema. It breaks down all the microdata on the page, to make it easier for Google to decipher. When Google sees that your site will be more relevant to the user’s search.

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Bear Fruit?

Seo Concept Retro Symbol Isolated Vector Illustration“SEO is not an overnight success,” Lazarus notes. “I love watching growth. I love building something from nothing and watching it grow. Whether it’s a brick and mortar business or just a website that provides a service or promotes a cause.”

One of Conversion Hunters biggest success stories comes from a group of doctors and medical professionals who used to attract new business through word of mouth referrals. “Their website was on the back burner, and they got to the point where their business was in need of help.”

Lazarus came in to restructure their website as well as ensuring that the site remained active with new, quality content. “Fast forward to three years later, and now 95% of their clients come from their website and quality content,” said Lazarus.

Most businesses and organizations in today’s world recognize that a website is more than just a place marker in their industry. A website that is structured properly and features fresh, engaging content can easily become a driving engine that propels their goals to the next level. Yet making those changes in-house isn’t always going to yield the best results. Engaging and SEO specialist ensures that your site is making the most out of every opportunity for growth in the short-term as well as into the future.

Businesses and organizations that are interested in improving the visibility and ranking of their website can reach Jason Lazarus through his website